Ballin For The Lord, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit basketball organization dedicated to teaching boys and girls (K-12th grade) the fundamentals of basketball and providing scholarships for our youth to attend college.

Our Mission

We support and nurture our youth’s personal growth within an athletic team setting to provide an alternative avenue to obtain a higher education.

Our History

Ballin For The Lord (BFTL) began in September 1990 after Founder, Robert Bozart suffered the loss of his nephew, Ernest Bozart, who was killed in a neighborhood gang shooting. Robert always believed that keeping kids busy could keep them out of trouble, but without God, no one is safe. Robert decided to combine teaching the fundamentals of basketball with emphasizing a higher purpose in Christ.

BFTL embraced the youth in underserved areas in Los Angeles County with an interactive experience that nurtured personal growth within a team setting. Our program elevated our players’ character, mental, physical, and spiritual health and development with engaging basketball competitions. BFTL has continued to evolve with the support of families and volunteers in our community.

Over the last 32 years, thousands of boys and girls have participated in our program. BFTL encouraged higher education for our players to keep “Ballin” beyond high school, and we have assisted them with athletic college scholarships. Ninety-five percent of our players have attended college. We are proud of the young boys and girls who played for BFTL.

Our Leadership Team

Robert Bozart


Erika Williams

Head of Operations

Steve Gary

Vice President

Resa Gary


Mark Lewis

Board Member

Kimiko Kennedy


Micheal Flock

Board Member

Micheal F